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New Release
Better Than A Drug by Christy Angeletti


Christy Angeletti is featured on the cover of

"Christy Angeletti Rises to the Top"

Better Than A Drug by Christy Angeletti

"Don't Tell Me" by Christy Angeletti

"Hey guys! I am so excited to announce the release of my new single, "Don't Tell Me." This song, created out of so much emotion and experience, was recorded at the legendary Village Recorders Studio in Los Angeles, California. This highly renowned studio has recorded so many amazing artists such as Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Colby Caillat, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond and Robin Thicke, to name a few. The single was produced by Ken Caillat, who has also produced other artists such as, Stevie Nicks and Colby Caillat. The Christy Angeletti Camp is very excited about the release of this single! I hope you all enjoy it and want to share it with your friends and family. Thanks in advance for your support. As always, I am so thankful for you and chasing my dreams would not be possible without you and your support! You all ROCK:)"
~ Christy

"DON'T TELL ME" is available January 14th to radio professionals for national airplay at playMPE and for purchase at itunes. Listen to Christy's anthology on Jango internet radio and become a fan!

Better Than A Drug by Christy Angeletti

"Better Than A Drug" by Christy Angeletti

Christy's New Single Release,"BETTER THAN A DRUG" is available September 1st to radio professionals for national airplay at playMPE and to fans everywhere on Jango internet radio.

Billboard Top 40 April 2013

Christy's second national radio release,"Tough Enough" made its debut on the NIELSEN TOP 40 Radio Chart on June 17.

"Tough Enough" is consistently increasing spins with repeated appearances in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE throughout April, May & June.

"TOUGH ENOUGH" Charts at 39 on the Mediabase Indicator Radio Chart.

"TOUGH ENOUGH" has over 335,000 views on YouTube. Watch Christy's Brand New "TOUGH ENOUGH" video on YouTube.

Listen to "Tough Enough" on the Christy Angeletti Radio Station on Jango Radio or buy it for keeps on itunes.

Check out the Christy Angeletti review at
Creative Recklessness :

"Tough Enough" by Christy Angeletti

Just Released! "TOUGH ENOUGH" by Christy Angeletti

Christy released her new single, "Tough Enough" to radio on January 21. Available to radio professionals for national airplay at playMPE and to fans everywhere on Jango internet radio. Watch Christy's live performance of "Tough Enough" on YouTube. .....Are you TOUGH ENOUGH?

Christy Angeletti's "POWERFUL" Charts in the TOP 100.

Debuting at 101and quickly leaping to 84, then 68, Christy Angeletti's "Powerful" takes its position at 49 on the Mediabase Indicator Radio Chart.

"Powerful" is available now on itunes.

WTTE Fox 28 Columbus

Watch Christy Angeletti's appearance LIVE on
, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 at 9:15 am. Christy will talk with the GOOD DAY COLUMBUS news team and perform her new release, "Powerful".

"Powerful" by Christy Angeletti

Just released! Debut of Christy Angeletti's "Powerful" on radio and YouTube. "Powerful" invites and embraces an attitude of strength and perseverance.

"Powerful" is a song that was written to inspire myself and others to not let anything or anyone get in the way of their dreams and goals. To not let anything take away their pride and ambition in life and say that they are not good enough. This song encourages one to keep pressing on even when the road gets tough, stay strong and never give up!"

- Christy Angeletti

Christy Angeletti’s music video, “If You Had a Heart” REACHES ONE MILLION VIEWS on YOUTUBE.

The Columbus Dispatch

Christy Angeletti interview by Kevin Joy, preceding Christy's performance
at the Labor Day Festival in Canal Winchester, Ohio:

In case you missed it:
The Christy Angeletti interview on "NFOTUSA Soldiers Speak" Radio Show
Recorded live on Sept. 9, 2012

Christy Angeletti's "Driving Me Crazy" was shot in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas. "Driving Me Crazy" surpasses 50,000 views on YouTube, as her channel views reach over THREE MILLION. Stay current with the new releases from this prolific singer-songwriter; subscribe to the Christy Angeletti YouTube channel.

Christy Angeletti on Indie Music Channel

Christy Angeletti WINS at the Indie Music Channel Awards 2012.

"Eyes Wide Open"

Christy Angeletti on Indie Music Channel

Christy Angeletti received three nominations for the Indie Music Channel Awards: BEST FEMALE COUNTRY ARTIST for "Eyes Wide Open", BEST POP VIDEO under $5,000 for "Bad Girl", and BEST ROCK VIDEO under $5,000 for "If You Had a Heart". The Indie Music Channel Awards take place April 29 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA.

Bad Girl

Christy Angeletti’s music video, "Bad Girl" has over 857,000 views on YouTube. “Bad Girl” was shot on location in fabulous LAS VEGAS.

Never Been Better

Shot in a beautiful countryside setting, Christy Angeletti’s “Never Been Better” video, featured on YouTube, has over 462,000 views.

If You Had a Heart

Christy Angeletti’s music video, “If You Had a Heart” was filmed at the historical and haunted Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio. “If You Had a Heart” has over 1,108,000 views on YouTube.

Eyes Wide Open

“Eyes Wide Open,” was the first official Christy Angeletti music video featured on YouTube and has over 803,000 views.